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December 2, 2016

How Using CBD is Beneficial to Your Aging Canine

One day before an appointment to euthanize her dog, Linda Johnson came up with a last resort to alleviate the chronic pain of her 16 year black lab: edible cookies from a marijuana dispensary designed specifically for aging and dogs with ailments.

Shadow, a very loving dog and best friend of Linda, never showed signs of pain before, but she started licking her paws which was sign of pain, that’s what the vet had told Linda. She also started to cough because she was shedding fur that got in her throat. After giving Shadow a cookie and letting 20 minutes pass, the licking stopped.

After seeing the results Linda gave her dog a second cookie, and another one after that. After eating the 3 cookies Shadow got up and went for a walked outside, this was something she hadn’t done recently without any signs of pain. After seeing the results Linda cancelled her appointment with the vet. Linda said that she would’ve never even imagined that this would even work let alone keep her best friend around.

With many states legalizing Marijuana many people are finding ways to get involved, however the legal gray area is posing lots of challenges for companies that want to market and distribute cannabis-derived products for animals. That’s not deterring pet owners who desperately want to save their pets’ lives, like Linda, or keeping entrepreneurs from getting into that business.

Big Brother is watching
Unlike its edibles for humans, Dog treats with CBD which are usually sold in dispensaries are made from hemp and not from marijuana, the stem of the cannabis plant that’s low in the psychoactive component THC, which produces that feeling of getting high. Hemp, however does contain CBD, a chemical compound that alleviates pain.

Most companies making cannabis-derived pet products choose to use hemp because the federal government still classifies marijuana as a schedule 1 substance. There are currently many states and the District of Columbia that have medical marijuana laws, but as it stands, vets aren’t empowered to prescribe cannabis or products with CBD or THC to pets but that could all change soon with more states legalizing recreational marijuana. As of now Nevada is currently debating a bill that would allow people to obtain medical marijuana for their pets with approval form a vet.

Scientific backing
It’s not until recently that Veterinarians have started to learn about marijuana’s effects on animals. In March, a conference was held in Yosemite National Park by the California Veterinary Medical Association where the major theme was cannabis.

As of now not too many studies have been done on cannabis and the effects on Dogs but since the legalization there has been a lot more efforts put towards the subject.

Peak Pharmaceuticals, who’s based out of the University of Colorado in Denver is conducting independent research on its own. It’s partnered with a vet hospital to conduct clinical studies on the effects of cannabinoids on dogs with epilepsy.

Most regulators are extremely wary of the hemp-based pet products that are on the market especially since there’s so little studies that have been done for these supplements.

Many big names in the marijuana industry are hoping new research will demonstrate the effectiveness of cannabis for pets and help the industry set guidelines on quality and dosage. It’s always recommended to try dosages according to the size of the pet , weight and size help determine the amount in order to be safe.

Just remember that you shouldn’t play doctor on your own; always consult a veterinarian before you give any Cannabis related products to your dog.

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