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September 6, 2016

Cannabis Can Help Treat Serious Addictions

Cannabis is a much greater alternative to prescription drugs with many side effects and is less harmful than smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol but it’s not only for recreational use or for having a good time, it can also be very beneficial to a person’s health. Another great use for cannabis is its ability to help treat serious addictions like addictions to serious drugs. People addicted to serious drugs have shown great results when they used cannabis to get over their addiction to these harmful drugs.

Studies have shown to support the idea that using cannabis is very helpful to a person trying to get over drug addiction, or addiction to painkillers.

Studies have shown that patients given cannabis during their recovery period experienced less symptoms of withdrawal and they tended to go through with the whole recovery program without dropping out and risking the treatment.

Studies have also been conducted where 30 people who were addicted to serious drugs such as heroin or opioids were split into 2 groups, 15 were given marijuana to smoke and the other 15 were given placebo, the 15 that were given marijuana to smoke all reported that they did not suffer any withdrawals or the need to quit the program but the 15 that were given the placebo relapsed and had to start the treatment over again. The patients that were administered marijuana also reported that they no longer suffered from insomnia.

Not only is cannabis great for treating serious addiction to serious drugs, it also helps with insomnia, anxiety and plenty of other ailments.

Always consult a physician before trying new treatments.

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