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September 13, 2016

Can Cannabis Help Treat Anxiety

Using Cannabis can cause anxiety to some but many believe that it actually has the opposite effect. It helps reduce anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety and paranoia can be common side effects of using cannabis, which doesn’t seem like a lot of fun but if you learn how to control your thoughts when using cannabis then it can be a very beneficial and pleasurable experience.

Why does cannabis work for alleviating anxiety for some but it has the reverse effect for others? The answer maybe because of the taboo behind cannabis, since birth we’ve been told that cannabis is a harmful substance when in reality it is a natural cure for many things including anxiety. Once we learn and get educated on the benefits of this amazing plant then the side effects will most likely disappear.

To understand the cause of anxiety from using cannabis it took a little bit of research, it turns out that if someone thinks that they can get in trouble for using cannabis then the effect will be reversed for them when they use it instead of being relaxed. The root cause is the fight or flight response in the brain that triggers the anxiety effect in people. The good news is that with the legalization of Cannabis in so many states nation wide it has finally come to light that cannabis is actually beneficial vs. being a harmful drug as it has been labeled in the past. With that being said it should help easy the side effects for most.

Research has been done regarding receptors in the human body and the amygdalae contain cannabinoid receptors, this discovery is a major step in the advancement of cannabis into every day life and treatment of anxiety.

The body has many functions and processes and knowing that these receptors depend on cannabinoids to complete their functions which is very important to the emotional processes in the body as well as many other processes that occur in the body.

Unfortunately the body does not produce enough of its own cannabinoids so us taking extra dosages of cannabinoids to treat the symptoms is beneficial to us and can treat many symptoms such as PTSD, Anorexia and many other anxiety disorders and auto immune diseases as well.

There’s still plenty of research that needs to be done to get a full understanding of all the causes of anxiety but the efforts that have been done already are a great step in a positive direction.

Cannabis comes in a wide variety of chemical makeups. There are Indicas, Sativas and now there are Hybrids as well, each type have varied levels of THC and CBD but depending on the Strains the levels may vary. Knowing the different types of strains and the effects of ech one will help pin point which type to use to treat the symptoms. Generaly for anxiety a person should use cannabis with lower THC levels.

Every person is different and everyone’s tolerance to cannabis is different as well so it’s best to try a few different strains to see what works best for you so you can properly medicate the problem affecting you.

Everyone is effected differently by cannabis, one person can take one puff and be relieved from anxiety while some people may need to take a lot more puffs, it all depends on the person’s weight, height, gender and age. There are so many different factors that determine if the cannabis will work for someone or not but the god news is that there are hundreds of strains to chose from.

The way the cannabis is ingested plays a big role in how it will affect the body. Smoking it vs Eating it can have different results, smoking dry flower will produce a much faster response than eating it.

Below are a few strains that can help with anxiety:

First thing to think about when picking a good strain to help with the anxiety is get a good understanding of your sensitivity and tolerance, second thing you need to do is experiment with new and different strains to find out which one is best for your symptoms. The guide below is meant to help guide you through the discovery process to know what to look for when you visit your local dispensary.

Granddaddy Purple
This strain is an Indica strain, perfect for relaxing and getting your mind and body in a relaxed state.

This is a Hybrid that’s high in CBD and has a good level of THC but will not leave you feeling paranoid or anxious.

Girl Scout Cookies
This strain has won many awards including cannabis cup so it’s no amateur and it contains a very high amount of THC. This may scare some people off that are trying to treat anxiety but in reality it is very beneficial to those symptoms.

This strain is that won’t get you real high so it’s perfect for patients who suffer from PTSD, it’s high in CBD and low in THC. This might be the perfect strain for some people.

Strawberry Cough
Having Social anxiety is not fun, a strain that will keep you alert and social, but you don’t want something that will make your mind race. This strain may be a sativa but it will also give you a relaxing body high as well as a head high. It’s perfect for treating Anxiety.

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