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The Science Behind Marijuana

The Science of Weed - is it Really Good For You?

Kings of Cannabis

Cannabis Strain Finder
We've put together a database of cannabis strains, profile information and user recommendations for what treatments they are effective at treating--that you can easily browse by keyword or condition.
Synthetic Marijuana Substitutes Are Likely Not Safe
These synthetic cannabinoids (SCBs) are not detectable with standard drug screening for the active substance in marijuana because they are very different, and potentially dangerous, molecules...
White House: Feds Will Step Up Marijuana Law Enforcement
The White House said Thursday it anticipates that law implementation operators will uphold government pot laws when they collide with states where recreational utilization of the medication is allowed.
Marijuana and Children
Exposure of marijuana products to kids and teens in Colorado has increased over the past several years with the increased availability of both medical and recreational marijuana.
New Study Shows Pot Can Help Kick Tobacco And Other Habits
A review review recently conducted in Canada and distributed in the International Journal of Drug Policy, found that the use of cannabis can decrease a client's reliance on tobacco, liquor and, now and again, painkillers.
The Biggest Threats To Legal Pot In Trump's Administration
Donald Trump was chosen U.S. President in November without picking up a lion's share of the well known vote; he won the White House with 304 Electoral College votes despite losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million.
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Storefronts in Costa Mesa, CA
Today we're going to take a look at local dispensaries for the days you're in the mood to go out and about and want to see, touch and smell a larger selection of medicinal cannabis products.
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Storefronts in Las Vegas, NV
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... At least if you're a resident looking for a local medical marijuana dispensary! Today's spotlight focuses on MMJ dispensaries and storefronts in Las Vegas, NV.
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Storefronts in Phoenix, AZ
Our spotlight today is focused on medical marijuana dispensaries and storefronts in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area. This selection of dispensaries is sure to add a splash of green in Arizona.
Is CBD Oil Legal in All 50 States ... or Not?
Because CBD oil from the Hemp plant does not contain illegal amounts of THC it is legal in all 50 states. This is very important to people all over the US who are in need of CBD but can't get it locally.
Medical Marijuana Delivery Services in Costa Mesa, CA
Today's spotlight looks at several medical marijuana delivery services in beautiful Costa Mesa. With rain in the forecast this week it might be a good time to call in a delivery to replenish your supply.
Can You Use Medical Marijuana for Depression
In the event that you've been feeling bitterness you can't shake or absence of enthusiasm for exercises you once delighted in, you might be experiencing the effects of melancholy — and you're not alone.
5 New Discoveries That Will Shake Up Our Understanding of Marijuana
New research shows marijuana may have more uses (and benefits) than we thought. Conflicts that researchers have neglected to lead adequate research on the wellbeing impacts of cannabis are unwarranted...
How Using CBD is Beneficial to Your Aging Canine
One day before an appointment to euthanize her dog, Linda Johnson came up with a last resort to alleviate the chronic pain of her 16 year black lab: edible cookies from a marijuana dispensary designed specifically for aging dogs...
What You Need to Know About Prop 64
Here is everything that we know so far about California's Proposition 64 and how it may affect you.
Does Cannabis Cure the Common Cold?
Cannabis can help ease many symptoms of the common cold. CBD has natural anti-bacterial properties which can help fight against the virus itself. Cannabis can also help fight the pain, such as sinus pressure, associated with colds.
Cannabis Strain Profiles
Our collection of data about many cannabis strains and the conditions they may treat is available here.
Does Cannabis Help With Multiple Sclerosis?
Cannabis helps alleviate many of the symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis, most notably tremors, spasms, and pain. MMJ treatments have proven highly effective at managing many of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS).
Can Cannabis Slow the Development of Alzheimer's Disease?
Cognitive degeneration is pretty much unavoidable as we age, and Alzheimer’s disease falls under that umbrella. The good news is that studies are showing cannabis can stop the progression of Alzheimer’s, which may lead to longer, richer lives for millions.
Can Cannabis Help Treat Anxiety?
Cannabis can actually cause anxiety but there are ways to potentially avoid that. And it’s also true that for many people, cannabis can help alleviate anxiety disorders. How is it that some people use this plant to treat anxiety and for others it causes anxiety?
Can Cannabis Use Improve Lung Health?
You probably never saw this one coming – especially since pot is commonly associated with smoking, and smoking with chronic lung problems. But some conditions have been shown to regress when cannabis is thrown into the mix.
Is Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Glaucoma?
One of the first big medical issue that cannabis was shown to effectively treat is Glaucoma. Ingesting cannabis helps lower the pressure in the eyeball, giving patients at least temporary relief.
Cannabis Oil Benefits, Recommendations and CBD Dosage Charts
Cannabis therapeutics is personalized medicine where the treatment depends on the person and condition. For maximum therapeutic benefit, choose cannabis products that include both cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
Cannabis Can Help Treat Serious Addiction
We already mentioned that cannabis can be a viable, safer alternative to substances like alcohol and tobacco, but did you know that it can also be used as a treatment for addictions to these substances, and more?
Is Cannabis Helpful for Treating ADHD?
For those with serious trouble concentrating, or who have children suffering from ADD or ADHD, cannabis might be the treatment you’ve been waiting for. It’s safer and more effective than medications like Ritalin or Adderall.
Does Cannabis Help Broken Bones Heal Faster?
Can you believe that cannabis can actually mend broken bones? It’s true, as CBD evidently reacts chemically with collagen, spurring along the healing process. Another very exciting find.
Does Cannabis Help Seizures?
Using medical weed to regulate seizures is another one of the more high-profile findings coming out of medical science. For folks with disorders like epilepsy, cannabis is showing immense promise.
Is Cannabis a Safer Alternative to Drugs and Alcohol?
Cannabis can be harmful if you use it irresponsibly, but it’s nowhere near as destructive as alcohol. With wider availability, cannabis will become a substance of choice – and likely save a lot of lives (and livers) in the process.
Can Cannabis Treat Autism?
Like many other high-profile disorders, autism may be a prime target for cannabis-based treatments. Science is digging into it, but in the meantime, some parents are using it to help manage violent mood swings in autistic children.
Does Medical Marijuana Fight Cancer?
This is the big one that everybody’s been talking about. Both scientists and the federal government have released a good amount of evidence showing that cannabinoids fight certain types of cancer.
Does Medical Marijuana Help With Depression?
Research is showing that cannabis can help treat depression: “Using compounds derived from cannabis — marijuana — to restore normal endocannabinoid function could potentially help stabilize moods and ease depression.”
Does Medical Cannabis Help Regulate and Prevent Diabetes?
In the United States, over 29.1 million people are currently diagnosed with diabetes. This is almost 10 percent of the population. Furthermore, two out of three of these people will die from the condition or the many complications that arise from it.
Does Cannabis Help World-Class Athletes Perform Better?
Olympic champion Michael Phelps is in good company as a world-class athlete who uses marijuana. It’s a pity that he couldn’t have been brave enough to stand up for his relationship with one of the world’s most wonderful plants.
Does Medical Cannabis Help You Lose Weight?
If you’re an avid Green Flower reader, then you’re already aware that cannabis users have been shown to be slimmer, on average, than non-users. That’s because cannabis helps the body regulate insulin production, and manage caloric intake more efficiently.
The History of Hemp
Researchers trace hemp's history as an industrial crop back some 10,000 years when the fiber was first utilized by the Chinese to make ropes and eventually paper. Hemp's wide array of industrial uses first rose to prominence in America during the colonial era.
What are the Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis?
Cannabis will have variable effects when used by different people and under different circumstances. You should always discuss indications and side effects with your primary care physician! When ingested safely, it is useful for a wide range of conditions.
What are the Differences Between Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids?
Indicas are very effective for overall pain relief and is often used to treat insomnia for many people. Medical marijuana patients most commonly smoke Indica buds in the late evening or even right before bed due to how sleepy and tired you become from an Indica strain.
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